With all the music that’s been made in modern times, it can be difficult to create something truly original and Marvin Gaye’s relatives claim that Robin Thicke stole from their father for his song, “Blurred Lines.”

According to a counterclaim filed by the soul singer’s children, the 36-year-old star basically admitted to ripping off Marvin’s “Got to Give It Up.”

In the documents, they reference his interviews with Billboard and GQ in which he says it’s one of his favorite all-time songs and he wanted “to make something like that, something with that groove.”

Back in August, Robin got the jump on the claims, asking for a preemptive ruling that the song is not a copy. In addition to the massive hit, the Gaye family also says “Love After War” is a copy of Marvin’s song, “After the Dance.”

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/robin-thicke/robin-thicke-sued-marvin-gayes-relatives-952632
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